Screen Printing Services

Screen Printing, often referred to as silk screening, is a traditional method of printing that uses a mesh screen and ink to transfer designs onto various surfaces. Renowned for its ability to produce vibrant, long-lasting prints, screen printing is a preferred choice for many when it comes to printing on products, apparel, posters, and more. At Contour Marking, we provide exceptional Screen Printing services tailored to your every requirement.

We have a number of machines with various capabilities including printing onto cylindrical parts. Our in house screen making facility can enable a fast turn around from artwork to screen to printed products.

Why Choose Screen Printing

- Vibrant Colours: Achieve bright and bold colours that stand out, even after multiple washes.

- Versatility: Ideal for printing on textiles, paper, glass, and other materials.

- Economical: Perfect for large batches due to its cost-effective nature.

- Durability: Prints that withstand the test of time, maintaining their original luster.

Our Services Include:

- Custom Design: Collaborate with our talented design team to bring your vision to life.

- Colour Variety: A wide range of ink colours available to match your brand or design palette.

- Bulk Printing: Efficiently handle large orders with consistent quality across all items.

- Quality Checks: Rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure each print meets our high standards.

Industries We Serve:

- Promotional Products

- Apparel and Fashion

- Medical Devices

- Electronics

- Toys and Games

- Automotive Parts

- Household Appliances

- And many more!

Why Choose Contour Marking Ltd?

- Proven Expertise: Years of experience in mastering the art of screen printing.

- State-of-the-art Equipment: Utilizing the latest in screen printing technology for optimal results.

- Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing structures to fit projects of all scales.

- Dedicated Support: Our customer service team is always on hand to guide and assist you.

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